Nutritional advice

An old saying is
“If you don`t care about your horse, then you are not worth him”! However, for many horse owners it is not always clear how they should correctly nourish their horses, especially when one takes into account the different environmental conditions, the multiple feed offers and also the different uses thereof.

The feeding requires absolute knowledge about the function and failure-prone digestive tract of a horse, the ingredients which provide energy, the nutrient requirements of the various breeds and their potential to perform, and also about the principles of diet formulation.
The individuality of your horse, for instance character and general appearance, plays an important role in the metabolic system. 
All these points need to be taken into account.

Not even the most sophisticated food can solve every problem, but an over or under supply of various nutrients/active ingredients can cause many significant problems.
A customised feeding for your horse contributes significantly to its capability or performance, to maintaining its health and also to the general “comfort” of your horse.

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